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About Us - History

Little Puffs Childcare Mallorca. 

The company was established in 2008 by myself Susan and my husband Alan. We first started with a few new clients that soon became regulars and with the help of their recomendations we began to establish ourselves on the island and needed to take on more nannies. We decided on the name Littlepuffs due to our welsh background and the well known nursery rhyme Puff the magic dragon. Amongst our nannies we have: myself Susan, Kathryn and Teresa.


I am a qualified NNEB nanny with over 20 years of experience working with children from newborn to teenagers. Including two of my own. We moved as a family to Mallorca in 2003, I spent the first couple of years helping the children ajust to this new life and then go back into work with children. It's always been my passion and i found myself going back to what I love. I now spend the winter months flying all over Europe as a maternity nanny looking after newborn babbies. Which is my dream job. It's such an amazing job and has given me the chance to help so many parents and meet wonderful people along the way. I am so lucky to have such an amazing team of ladies to help me with my buisness when I need them.


I have always grown up around kids therefore never thought about my gift as being anything other than a common ability. When I was 16 I started helping out with some regular clients that kept coming back over the years. I quickly realized that I had an amazing gift an natural talent with children that not many people have. Working for this company and along side with my mum Susan has given me so many amazing opportunities that otherwise would not have exsisted. I recently spent a year in Australia looking after children and that wouldn't haven been possible without the neutraing this company has given me.


I am a positive and calm woman of 42 years. Born in England and lived there until 2011. English is my first language but I do speak a little Spanish . I studied childcare for ages 0 to 16 years, I have worked in both Nurseries and Schools. I have a wide range of experience with all ages and abilities of children. I moved to Mallorca in 2011, with my husband and 2 children. Since living in Mallorca, I have worked in 2 language schools and am currently working in an international school. I have a lot of experience of nannying and babysitting children of all ages, which is something I have enjoyed doing alongside my teaching. Working with children brings me great satisfaction, when I see that the children are happy and comfortable with me. I pride myself on my social skills, as well as being self-concious, reliable and professional.


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